big hearted guy

John started giving me rocks in the shape of hearts about 10 years ago-this is the biggest yet in my collection! He found it today, in the McKenzie River, while fishing. The 2 fish he caught were too small to keep but he dug this up instead and won a whopper of a kiss from me when he got home!

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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3 Responses to big hearted guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very cool and i love the note from Caleb. What a hoot!Susan

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love is Patient, love is kind…I think its so cool the way you handled that situation. Some other parents would have handled it differently…by ignoring the behavior or by lashing out verbally or physically because of the action. Instead you were calm, discarded the thing that he could’nt have, let him have a time out. And afterwords to talk about it, & pray(wow, that’s awesum!)What a perfect role model for a mom..and to take the time to deal with the behavior, that’s love. Truly, without a doubt God must be so proud!Sherri

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey John, The rock is great, you’re a great husband. But I gotta say, that shirt makes you look fat. Now PURPLE, on the other hand, would really tone you down nicely! Dave T.

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