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a good reminder…

“Gratitude is… the leading edge of joy. It happens when the big reality hits you. You have no more right to be loved than anyone else.Your job is a fluke.Your children have no more right to health and security than … Continue reading

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seriously addicted to quack…

The men of the house are off this morning to see the U of O Ducks seriously whoop up on the Wash Cougars. Sam saw me packing their backpack with cheese, Ritz, fruit snacks and rice crispy treats and loudly … Continue reading

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roll cameras!

Yesterday we had a bit of adventure. We got a call asking us to be interviewed on a local TV station. They just needed a quick 3 minute soundbite from “an actual homeschooling family”. I said no thanks several times, … Continue reading

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organizing madness

Over the years I have slowly morphed into one of those women. The kind I used to puzzle over and occasionally think “whoa lady… you clearly need more hobbies, more kids, or something!” Ordinary, average Mom in appearance, but clearly … Continue reading

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it’s the little things…

that make your day a little sweeter! (the last of our summer blue hydrangeas.a spontaneous gift from Caleb and his little cousin, Caitlin)

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In the 3 years since we moved here, John’s Dad and Claudia have NEVER missed calling the boys on their special day. Saturday morning when the phone rang Caleb confidently shouted out “That’s Gramma!” and grinned as he answered it, … Continue reading

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