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Christmas photo outtakes

Discussion between the parents during the annual Christmas photo session:“naw. they look too serious here, and Sam is squinting in like he has tummy trouble or something…” Parent 1: “Too goofy. Why did you pretend to pick your nose and … Continue reading

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my alarm clock…

scene: side of my bed, early morningCaleb, whispering loudly: “Mom?”Mom: sleepily: “mmmbbbghgh”Caleb: “Mom, wake up…listen.”Mom: “mmhm…what?”Caleb: “did you know everything has a scientific name?!”Mom: “um-hmm”Caleb: “like polyvinylidene!”Mom: “what?”Caleb: “that’s plastic wrap!”Caleb: “Cool, huh? did you know that?!”Caleb: “Mom?”Caleb: “Since you’re … Continue reading

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nasty part two…

About 11 pm last night I heard my hens clucking with alarm and John grabbed the flashlight to go see what was up. When I heard his footsteps come racing back across the yard I was at the door, concerned … Continue reading

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whole lotta nasty…

enough to last a week or more! Being a Mama to three boys I have an unusually high “gross out” level. But this week I have reached my limit (and its only Monday) First, our cat Zuzu was locked out … Continue reading

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thanksgiving photos

My Mom and her husband Gordon drove 5 hours to share the turkey feast. I think my red toile apron only brings out his rugged masculinity, wouldn’t you agree?

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Cookin’ Boys

the day before Thanksgiving and lessons underway…the childrens’ favorite part (mine too) is pressing the fork gently around the crust, leaving a trail of lines to decorate the part of the pie we all throw away. I shared my “secret” … Continue reading

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thanksgiving quote

Tomorrow morning the students of Red Barn Academy are going to get thorough lessons in Pie Formation. (pumpkin, apple and undecided but probably chocolate!) By noon family will be here to help us celebrate a beautiful holiday and I’m fairly … Continue reading

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