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he’s man enough to…

wear pink! We found this shirt and Sam (aka Mr. Brave) loved it. He is wearing it for the first time this afternoon. We are going to a friends birthday party where it can be admired (or mocked) by all … Continue reading

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gettin’ there

Okay Anne, you wanted to know! Here is the latest porch progress:We have a front door! And siding! And exterior lights! (though they aren’t working yet but aren’t they purty?!) Hopefully this week the cedar shakes will go up on … Continue reading

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playing dress-up

Two girls playing dress-up.Three boys nearby, abandon Rescue Hero toys to join in.When five come into the living room to show off their crazy creative get-ups,four more children join in the fun.When I line up the now nine participants to … Continue reading

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ya call this SPRING?!

The snow was thick and white on the ground, Sunday morning. It fell in fat flakes, bowing the red tulips and silencing the yellow daffodils…I rushed to take this photo as it started to melt away. It was gone before … Continue reading

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The boys are thrilled to get a week-long playdate. John and I have the awesome privilege of caring for seven of the cutest kids you can imagine, until next Thursday. I asked the kids to pose for this photo so … Continue reading

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better than watching television

Lately Sam and Caleb have been putting on entertaining little “shows” for the rest of the family. They whisper and giggle in their room, choosing clothes and props and making up lines together. After seating Mom, Dad and Josiah in … Continue reading

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inspired art

I was cleaning out a drawer and found this drawing by Caleb, back from when he was 5 years old. I remember saving it because 95% of Caleb’s art at that period of his life involved aliens, giant bombs or … Continue reading

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