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spring makeover

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. With the good weather we are painting the tired old siding, adding fresh flowers to the empty pots and washing windows to let the sunshine in. And this freshening has not … Continue reading

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Baked Oatmeal

In my everlasting quest to increase nutrition and protein, avoid cold cereal breakfasts yet still make mornings easy I found this delicious recipe, by Leslie Sasuage. (I don’t know her, not sure where I found her recipe but hey, thanks! … Continue reading

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to the beach!

We went to Newport for a mini-vacation this Friday and Saturday. The weather was chilly but we were on the beach within 20 minutes of checking in to the hotel. There’s not one of us that doesn’t love the Pacific … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Brian!

We are so glad my brother Brian and his wife Anne only live 2 hours away. They spent the last 2 days here with us and we celebrated his birthday early…my “little” brother will be 35 next week. And he … Continue reading

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When people inevitably ask “Why do you homeschool?” I am unusually slow with my answer. Not because I am avoiding the question but because there are SO MANY reasons. The person asking is (generally) just curious, and not asking for … Continue reading

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can’t shut up about it…

Just got the race results and we did even better than we thought!A mile every 14:39, and a finish time of 3:11! ok. I’ll stop now…really.

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even more on the race

(crossing the finish line together! I’m in the black hat) I’m still groaning a bit when getting up or down from a seat-thanks for the calls, the comments and congrats-it means a lot! Limping around yesterday I told John-“I really … Continue reading

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