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berry season!

The local u-pick farm is now open, after an unusually late cold spring. Brian and Anne came and spent Thursday-Friday with us, so we headed down the road to pick strawberries. Caleb looks like a big berry, in this red … Continue reading

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got family?

John’s cousins live in Minnesota. They love Christ. They have 5 children (all of them sweet and good looking and talented) and run a dairy farm of a mere 460 acres. (Support them-buy more milk!). Every few years the 7 … Continue reading

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high flying

Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality. ~Beatrix Potter I kick my kids outside a lot. Well, that’s not entirely true I guess. I kick Josiah and Caleb out and … Continue reading

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this and that

Here’s a tip for you young ladies…If you DO end up marrying that cute Domino’s pizza delivery boy, then for the rest of your life you get perfect hand-tossed crust! Caleb stands ready with the toothpick. His job is to … Continue reading

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Family day trip

Last Wednesday John took the day off work and we all drove to Portland for the day. We met John’s sister, Sherri, at the OMSI Museum for a full day of learning, (disguised as playing!) We had planned this for … Continue reading

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I got punk’d.

I love the cottage garden look in my yard. God blessed with an acre in the country, an established garden someone else originally paid for and a climate where you just throw stuff out the window and it will grow. … Continue reading

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easy-peasy giving

Their are 3 purposes of today’s post. Instead of the usual 1 (or half of one). So you are truly getting more ‘fo your money here today folks. I’m saying its worth me neglecting housework to post. It’s worth your … Continue reading

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