a picture is worth…

I have NO ideas. But “the Knight in tarnished armor” will be on my case if I don’t post something here by tomorrow. Tonight I just walked around and took a few photos. The creative well is running dry so I’ll just ramble a bit of nonsense after each photo, okay? If you’ve ever had a real-life conversation with me and didn’t walk away more confused? Perhaps even miss my incoherence, my one-sided jokes, my constant rabbit trails and the way I jump from the mundane to the profound with every third sentence? Well, pull up a chair (Trish and Vanessa) you’ll feel right at home with this post…
Fall is around the corner. The pool, that was a thorn in John’s side all summer, (every night he was out there with chemicals and ph tests, trying to get it any color but GREEN) was being put away and got a huge gash ripped into it. I am not unconvinced it wasn’t on purpsidential…
(yes. new word. so let’s all use it liberally in daily conversations, ok? one of my many life ambitions is to get a Brenda-word into that big ‘ole Websters.)

The apple tree is heavy with fruit this year, despite the Hey Deer: Free Lunch sign we put out. I know I could make organic, wholesome, nourishing applesauce to fortify my children through the long Winter. Believe me, the Farmgirl-Homestead-Pioneer Wanna-be in me WANTS to. Then I go to Costco and see a 5 lb. can of unsweetened is around $1.37. It gets harder to embrace peeling-coring-cooking-saucing-canning for four bucks in savings.

But I might! Just because my inner Laura Ingalls gets very persuasive in the Autumn.

I watched a friends children a few times, trying to rack up those eternal rewards to 2.8 or so and this “good friend” blows the whole deal by rewarding me here on earth. (Sheesh, Kari! Don’t you know how this works?! I’ll never get a crown if you keep this up) So she gave me a gift certificate for a real SPA pedicure. I have fancy french toes now (does the pinky toe say oui oui all the way home now?) and they didn’t have to get out the grinder (Don’t you love the movie “Dumb and Dumber”? Thanks Kelli, for introducing me to that gem.)

this is one more reason for me NOT to wear shoes until November. like I needed a reason.
Dinner tonight was NOT a hit. whole wheat roll? blech. Green beans? double blech. Rice-it was delicious yesterday but now it’s stigmatized as leftovers. There was not enough catsup to make them eat the boneless pork chops (on this one I agree!-the crockpot dried them out) On a silver lining kind of note:
Lucy loved the scraps! I love feeding someone who licks their chops and begs for more and never screeches “What fresh abuse is THIS?”

Last year the zucchini was struck with blossom rot and we only harvested a few plants. Wanting to avoid that, I mistakenly planted double. Now the zucchini is taking over! Does anyone have a novel recipe to share? We’ve had our share of zuke bread-zuke cake and zuke muffins. I like the little ones grilled with olive oil and garlic but can’t seem to find them under the leaves before they are club-size… We took a family walk last night, with bowls in hand. A kind neighbor saw us picking along the fencerow and invited us onto their property to pick, where we found a blackberry bonanza! I quickly made freezer jam and we had sandwiches spread thick and purple with it today. Josiah and Sam declared it the best they’d ever had! Maybe I should’ve hidden the pork under that?
I had a little trouble backing up the other day. Mom, do you have any OTHER cute red metal lawn carts? This one totally saved me from taking out the right side of our pumphouse with the ‘Burban. See what happens to our cute little Schoolroom in the Summer? Books are “put away” (aka tossed) by boys-in-a-hurry. Sam gets into the Chemistry stuff once a week to make “concoctions”. Drawers are up-ended while Caleb searches out markers that aren’t dried up. Lanky spiders remind us that despite bookshelves and desks, this is still a barn, and make elaborate webs to catch circling black flies.
It’s at the top of tomorrow afternoons list-CLEAN SCHOOLROOM.
The hydrangeas are in bloom. I forgot to spread the aluminum sulfate underneath them this Spring, so the blues aren’t as vibrant as usual but still…so pretty. They are a love note from God to me, you know. I planted blue mophead hydrangeas three years in a row, in Washington. They always whimpered along a few months before dying slowly. We moved into this house in May. I could tell these were hydrangeas but watched each bud with anticipation. I pretty much like them all but what would these be? white? pink? oakleaf? Of course not. My Father knows what I love best and He spoils His kids. He made sure our home had a long, thick established ROW of the exact species I had always longed for. This God! He gets so personal!

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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1 Response to a picture is worth…

  1. Anne says:

    I think this was a great blog post. I wish I could make our mundane seem interesting! The blue hydrangeas are not my favorite, I think mainly because the bush in our yard is so gigantic. But, I’m thinking to help them along in becoming PURPLE for their next bloom. That would make me oh so happy!P.S. I think you could make something like zucchini parmesean, couldn’t you?

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