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I need a better title than "we’ve been busy"…

but how else to explain a 2 week blog hiatus?Here’s a post, just for those who’ve been pestering me! But it’s nothing for the archives, see? It’s a few photos with a few sentences attached, a synopsis of the last … Continue reading

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cousin crazy!

We went to Portland LAST Thursday. However baby Savannah has that fashionably late thing down. She took her sweet time being born, and we ended up back in the car and trekking home without meeting her last week. Within a … Continue reading

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it does too count…

Here’s a question for the married couples: Do you celebrate (even nominally) two anniversaries? Obviously the date of your wedding is always a big deal, and we tally up the years and reminisce. But do you make a note of … Continue reading

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fall recipes

Autumn is my favorite season, and has been since I was little. The colorful leaves, the crisp smell outside, back to books and learning-ah. I love it all. But one thing I especially enjoy is getting back into the kitchen! … Continue reading

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What have we been up to? 5 days of silence! (my apologies to my Mom and Sherri, the most faithful readers. Does it help to know you are who I always think of when I realize it’s been a few … Continue reading

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busy busy busy

We all went to Portland on Saturday to celebrate the very-soon-addition to the family, baby Savannah Jean. Tara just glows with beauty and this sweet child should be here within the month! The boys are very excited about another girl-cousin … Continue reading

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