freshly painted kitchen

Three days before Christmas, I bought the paint. The day after Christmas I rushed around getting all the holiday decor boxed up and put away because I was ready for work!
Back when we had remodeled the kitchen, I was so starved for LIGHT that I wouldn’t consider painting the walls any color but some shade of warm sunshine. Devine brand paint, in a color called “Butter” made me deliriously happy for a surprisingly long four years. I don’t think I have ever gone that long without re-painting a kitchen, because it’s the room I work in the most-I’ve had red, and soft yellows and khaki and white, and several shades of green. But my love for verde reigns above all my other color loves! I find it soothing and peaceful, (as long as it has a warm undertone and doesn’t get blue or minty-ick!)
This is Benjamin Moore’s “Hillside Green”:Doesn’t it make the maple cabinets just shine? You just know you will love a color, if, with every stroke of the paint roller you say “ooh…” I have painted so much that I generally know within a few strokes if I picked the right color (for me). I always end up regretting the choice to “Just finish it. Maybe I will like it dry-in different light-tomorrow” Nope. If I don’t love it immediately I will probably hate it, eventually! Isn’t it funny how we all react so differently to color? Some people have strong gut reactions of love or distaste, while others don’t even notice
it. I was stunned when my brother was here for New Years and said he hadn’t noticed any difference! It feels like an entirely new space to me. But that’s exactly it-it “feels” to me. The colors around me can detract from or enhance, my daily life. That’s why I could never paint a “trendy” color, just to be in style-ridiculous. If the color doesn’t make your heart sing, who cares if others extol it? And I am stunned by those who live happily with beige or vanilla, or never get excited over paint chips at Home Depot. I guess we can just rejoice that this God is so creative and unique in the way He knits each of us together-our likes and dislikes, even the way we react to something as common as color.
When I started adding the accessories back in, I deleted everything that wasn’t black, white, galvanized tin or natural wicker. (Anne do you see your little canisters? I just turned that colorful design around!) The white trim looked so great against the green walls that I ended up re-painting ALL the other furniture in the room (like this low bookshelf) a bright semi-gloss white. John just laughs at me, when I am still painting at midnight. He knows how these things tend to snowball once I get going on a project… After 19 years, my sweet John blesses me with lots of free reign when I go on one of my decorating “binges”…but if he were to question me, it might sound a lot like this:

Why new curtains? Because I loved this fabric and had a coupon! Why do you have to paint? Because these new curtains that would truly look much better with green walls! Why do you need to paint that china hutch and all the bookshelves? Because they would look better in a crisp white, all contrasted up against the pretty green paint! Why are you re-decoupaging the barstool tops? Because polka dots make me happy! plus this pattern looks better with the new curtains!
Isn’t that all you started out to do?!

Can you believe I found these pretty black and white coffee cups at the Dollar Tree? I was afraid the design would be coming off in the dishwasher but so far they are holding up perfectly. It was only $5 to update this corner of the cabinetry plus we finally have spare mugs for when the dishwasher is full?…that’s a great deal! Mom, you say you hate the Dollar store but really, the “Tree” is the nicest one and you never know what you’ll find-you need to go!
This was the little china hutch I decided to paint. It was hard to do because we were far too broke (buying diapers) in the early 1990s to jump very deep into the oak-everything furniture craze, so I still love it (though I gave up my love for brass accessories and the color combo of burgundy with hunter green a little more easily). But look:

See?! oops! It’s water damage on the top from my messy houseplants. This really helped clinch the decision to go ahead. One of my decorating mantras is:when in doubt paint it white…(or black)
So worth it! I spray painted the brass hinges in matte black, and switched out the old knobs for vintage looking glass ones (at Target for only $3.99 or Restoration Hardware for $12.99-your choice) The second photo in shows the contents…Here are the new barstools, too:

I’ll show you the new living room paint tomorrow. Yes, I had to go ahead and paint that, too. You know why, right?

It’s old color contrasted terribly with the new kitchen paint.


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Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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One Response to freshly painted kitchen

  1. kippi says:

    Did you really paint the hutch?I’d be calling 911 if Arnie ever found me painting the wood – that’s why I’m having a hard time picking new paint for the living area – it would look so much better with white trim, but like I said – 911.:)Kippi

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