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and baby makes six

at least for a few weeks!We have good friends who have been called by God to foster parent. We don’t have that calling (yet…) but John and I feel that fostering hurting kids is a LOT like missionary work. If … Continue reading

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a little bit of rain

We called Uncle Deacon in a panic our first winter here in Oregon. We came home from a Christmas vacation to find water shooting out the side of our house and we were sick over the thought of how much … Continue reading

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Daddy Love…

it’s different than Mama Love… Oh sure, there are some things in common with both-you’ll get kisses. bedtime prayers. reminders to brush your teeth. hugs. but Mom would never do this: and she doesn’t twist your legs into pretzel shapes, … Continue reading

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ocean getaway

John and I had a great weekend at Lincoln City! I had a slight cold that turned into full-blown sick but not until Monday, so I thank God for giving me enough health to really enjoy our time together. Sunday … Continue reading

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what’s up with this one rogue seedling?!

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thanks Mom!

I am a wee bit famous for finding stuff. Since I am a self-confessed antique/junk lover who frequents yard sales, flea markets and thrift shops, friends often say things like “If you ever come across a *** could you pick … Continue reading

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what’s new?

Sam told me a great joke today…“What did the zero say to the 8?”“Nice belt.”haha! I was laughing and Caleb said annoyingly “Mom I told you that joke before, and you didn’t laugh then.” whoops. sometimes even very-careful Moms get … Continue reading

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