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Sam told me a great joke today…
“What did the zero say to the 8?”
“Nice belt.”
haha! I was laughing and Caleb said annoyingly “Mom I told you that joke before, and you didn’t laugh then.” whoops. sometimes even very-careful Moms get caught zoning out on their childs endless chatter….!

Well, we are all feeling quite springy around here!
Lots of dreaming and underlining and circling in these: leading to lots of erasing and sketching and planning here:which turns quickly into this:Our living room is now an incubator for tomatoes, flowers, cukes and melons. Every year as I plant seeds I am blown away by the fact that it works. Despite the evidence, these thousands of years providing sustenance to every human? It still takes faith for me to look at that tiny, minuscule speck and imagine quarts and quarts of Roma tomatoes coming from such an impossible beginning. A fresh reminder that all of LIFE begins this way…Plants. Babies. Faith.

They all start out so vulnerable, so fragile. Each one needs protection and nurturing in the beginning, but the growth? You can’t make that happen. It is LIFE ITSELF tucked there secretly, a miracle push from inside that moves the little seedling forward-forward-forward. The Psalms say the sky declares God’s handiwork but I think its only because not everyone plants seeds. If they did? Then the sky could be silent with all this evidence of a life-loving, life-giving Creator wrapped up in a brown speck. As I tucked those seeds into moist soil, I prayed hard. Prayed that my faith, my children, my marriage would all continue to grow bigger, stronger…firmly rooted in Christ.
It’s faith-affirming to realize that giant Maple tree by my kitchen window began this way. It was once just a fragile seedling, easily uprooted by the slightest kick of your shoe…yet now it is this giant refuge to birds, offering shade and beauty to everyone near. Standing firm and strong, even through the fiercest winter storm.

Caleb is sick today. Didn’t feel well last night, so we stayed home from Bible Study Fellowship. I put him to bed early with the promise that the extra sleep would help him feel better. So of course, there was a little note of triumph in his voice when he announced that he felt even worse today! I looked in his throat with a flashlight and saw red streaks and small pus pockets. When I told him this he reacted with terror.
“I’m dying?!”
No. you are not dying (Mr. Drama) it’s just the infection in your throat is evident.
“But PUS? That can’t be good?!”
It’s normal, kiddo. Your body is fighting a bug and will heal on it’s own…
“Oh-man! I just can’t believe this!
Sam! Guess what! I am swallowing my own pus!”

Since Grampa Lee and Uncle Deacon both share their Four-Wheelers so well, we have been on the hunt for inexpensive motorcycle helmets for the kids to wear on the sand dunes. Found this one on Sunday and it is the new favorite accessory at our house. Sam feels all tough in it. Shh, don’t tell him that it squishes his cheeks back to their toddler babyhood sweetness. Every time he puts it on I get a stab of nostalgia for my chubby Samshine and his red felt cape…

the photo is blurry but here is Valentine’s Day dinner! I made alfredo with angel hair pasta and steak…everyone loved it. (John was there, too but had gotten up to take a call when I took the picture!) John and I don’t generally do more than cards for V day. Besides, we are saving our $ for this weekends getaway trip! The kids are super thrilled to get to spend the night with the grandparents while John and I are super thrilled to spend a few days alone together on the Oregon Coast. I have more anticipation for this trip than I had for my actual wedding, I think. Just love this man-even when he’s at work, I miss him and feel downright greedy for his company. To have him all to myself for 2.5 days? It’s like I won the Powerball ticket!
We had a new little pet a few days ago. This newt-salamander fella was loving the moist spot under the flowerpot by our front door, until he got annoyed at the slimy boy hands all over him and moved on. Look at those buggy eyes! There was a lot of discussion as to what he was, exactly. His belly wasn’t orange and he was twice as big as the regular newts we usually see…

Sam has a strange look in this photo.
Right as I took it Caleb shrieked “what if it poops on you?”

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Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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