ocean getaway

John and I had a great weekend at Lincoln City! I had a slight cold that turned into full-blown sick but not until Monday, so I thank God for giving me enough health to really enjoy our time together. Sunday was cold and drizzly but Saturday’s weather was like this: Overcast, a February on the beach. It made the patches of stubborn sunlight breaking occasionally through even more spectacular, more appreciated. There was no wind and very little rain so we walked for an hour or two, and explored tidal pools in the rocks:

Where we saw hermit crabs and anemones, and cool things like these:and we tried not to say over and over “Wouldn’t the boys love this?!” To ease our guilt at enjoying it without them, we promised each other that our next trip to this beach would be all together, as a family. Even though we missed the kids a few times, for the most part we really enjoyed it being just us. Our last weekend alone together was almost two years ago!
We stayed at a rented home, which was much more comfortable than a hotel (and about $100 less expensive) We rented a movie (Fireproof-it was really good) and ate out a lot. We tried all new restaurants, and none that kids would like! John hates Thai food, but loves me and so he took me to a restaurant named Andaman. They had the best Padang Curry I’ve ever tried, and even John agreed it was “pretty good”. Love those little victories…my goal is to win him over to Thai completely, someday…
and John even found a few heart rocks for our collection. I am always amazed at how he spots them! I haven’t found ONE. But he’s a rockhound, and has the eyes for it…
John and Caleb are over their colds. Now it is Josiah, Sam and Mom’s turn to be miserable. Families share love AND germs, ya know.
Yesterday and today I’ve had the pounding headache, body aches, swollen, burning throat, plugged sinuses, and aching fatigue. I haven’t felt this ill in a long time, and I’m no pretty picture in my old green bathrobe, unwashed hair and my pockets stuffed with kleenex! You could blame it all on a cold virus but I suspect it’s more. Adding to my physical ailments is the very real adjustment to being back to the housework and the homeschooling and more cooking and don’t forget laundry…
I may never recover.
send curry.

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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