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oh, go climb a tree

The boys, and especially Caleb, are always asking me for “stories from when you were a kid”. Maybe it’s because Daddy can’t remember much of his childhood, or maybe it’s that Mama has a flair for dramatic storytelling, I don’t … Continue reading

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just love ’em!

Anne had to work (bummer) but Brian brought the kids down last Thursday. Although the trampoline is panting out its last breaths after 5 years, we still have a good amount of fun on it… That Cody is a wild … Continue reading

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just the facts, ma’am.

Pastor Neil’s comment made me a little curious, too! So I went back to homeschool blogger (where the first blog, “An Audience of One” began) and did some math. There were just 15 entries on there, but they count too! … Continue reading

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How long, now?!

2 years? Wow.I don’t usually stick with much of anything, that long. But today marks this blogs “birthday”–two years now of scratching out my rough thoughts and posting blurry photos. Thank you to each of you who have encouraged (and … Continue reading

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winter wanderings

As we press our way towards Spring, here are a few things we’ve been enjoying:When we started homeschooling, one of my goals was to raise adults who were comfortable with, and somewhat knowledgeable of, the arts. Two problems-I, their teacher, … Continue reading

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Did you know we have a daughter?

Of all the things my Dad taught me by his example, the lesson I struggle most to un-learn is this one: you can have whatever you want if you work hard enough. Independence, determination, and self-sufficiency are such hallmarks of … Continue reading

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