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if they’d only slow down…

so my heart could catch up! The marks on the wall show the inches our boys have shot up, just since Christmas. Yesterday we had to go buy new shoes for Josiah and Caleb, though it’s been only four short … Continue reading

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you say it’s your birthday….?

dun-nu-nu-nunu….It’s my birthday too, yeah! (That is the only line from that song I know. 80’s songs only required 3 lyrics, but still…) Yesterday I had a perfectly wonderful, super spoiled and loved on kind of day. And that’s exactly … Continue reading

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a death in the family.

Caleb’s pet, a plump little goldfish he named “Peanut” passed away yesterday. I think it was something I did, when I cleaned the tank? Because he was fine before, but as soon as I scooped him out with that little … Continue reading

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kitchen garden

I am rearranging the kitchen garden quite a bit this spring! So far, between fits of rain, I have: 1. Dismantled two raised beds that were uneven. I need symmetry and they were quite wonky. (It is too a word. … Continue reading

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an ode to me?!!

I have a good friend and she called today to say she was inspired by my last post and had to write a poem about me. If you have kids who enjoyed the series of books that started with “If … Continue reading

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I’ll never be done.

with the yard, that is. It’s good and bad, really.I had big plans for my veggie garden, here. (photo from November. I will update with the “after” picture next week) I had even gotten kind of fancy and started calling … Continue reading

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training tips

For the third year in a row, I am walking with friends in our local Half Marathon. That’s 13.2 miles, folks and the point two there at the end is the longest part. For the second year in a row … Continue reading

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