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I have always joked that if I ever write a Parenting book? The title would be stolen from one of old George W.’s speeches “We Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists.” When I see an exhausted parent pleading, begging, bribing their … Continue reading

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weekend recap

My brother Brian and his wife Anne celebrated FIVE YEARS of marriage this weekend!Anne? The whole family is totally impressed with your stamina and perseverance. I lived with Brian the first 17 years of my life and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED … Continue reading

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Dear Costco Warehouse,

We love your store. Really, we do. We love your rotisserie chickens, your jalapeno hummus, the bales of toilet paper for $4 and that 2% bonus check you send each year. We might gasp a little at the checkout each … Continue reading

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I like things tidy and neat but I’m not an immaculate housekeeper. The children might argue that point. They think I am a slave driver. These boys would insist that I am forever barking out such horrendous orders as “don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Once more to new creation Awake, and death gainsay, For death is swallowed up of life, And Christ is risen today! ~George Newell Lovejoy This is the believer’s hol-y-day. Christmas is all flash and fun, but Easter is what our … Continue reading

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it’s pretty nutty around here.

We went back to Walmart and studied the tanks. I promised to buy him another fish. So just how did Caleb end up with two Comet goldfish? Well, they are so cute-both my kid and those little swimmers. And the … Continue reading

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building together.

Caleb asked me for a box. I offered a shoebox, a cigar box…not quite right. So he drew out a plan for the perfect box and showed us what he was thinking of. His Dad looked this design over and … Continue reading

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