first camping trip of the year!

(This is the most photos I have ever tried to upload into a post! Blogger is making me crazy, trying to rearrange these into the order of our 3 day trip, would take me three days! So I am going to leave these photos in the crazy, random order they are in and just throw out short comments on each one…I know that will be disconcerting, as most of my posts are so polished and articulate.)

What a great way to spend Mothers Day weekend! We went to the Coast and parked in a foresty (spellcheck is always flagging my adjectives. What? Forest-y is SO a word! Or should be. it describes tall evergreens and thick pine needle shade and fat chipmunks to feed peanuts to…sheesh!) State Park. Grandpa and Grandma Kraft parked their trailer right next door to ours and we congregated at the fire pit between us…

The younger two boys were immediately exploring, and helping stack the firewood… the sooner we had a fire, the sooner we’d have s’mores!
Caleb had to wear his “explorers vest” and had the pockets full of a flashlight, his journal, legos and leftover candy from his Christmas stocking. What else do you really need in an emergency?
This was our first trip in the trailer so we chose a State Park that was less than an hour from home, just to see how the trailer pulled and worked. John really appreciated all his Dad’s experience with RVs and together they had everything running perfectly.The cribbage board was out almost immediately and Grandpa was grinning because he beat Josiah at the first game, which is not easy to do, anymore. (He was taught by the best!) Here, John was teaching his sons “Blackjack” despite my frowns of disapproval and subtle sighing of annoyance. So, what could I do but take a photo to document just WHO is responsible for their future gambling addiction? When we went to the beach, we almost lost Sam!
Caity sure loves her Uncle Deacon! All kids do, because kids (like dogs) sense innate goodness.
Except Mackenzie, who kept trying to pull her Dad into the icy cold ocean!

Sam and Caleb NEVER care how cold it is…they wade right in and laugh at Mom, shivering on the shore. Caitlin filled her sweatshirt pocket with shells…
As I took this photo, I overheard Josiah tell her “Don’t be afraid, you can just use my ears for handlebars…” which she promptly did.
Oh that reminds me how I forgot to mention: Brian, Anne, Caitlin and Cody drove down from Portland to join us on Saturday! Caitlin slept with us in the trailer and her parents/brother stayed with:

Uncle Deacon, Hilary and Mackie! They live in Florence, so we were blessed to share the weekend with them, too. It was a camping trip-slash-family reunion! They joined us at the campsite for Sat dinner and Sunday breakfast, and we invaded their home a few times too. They were generous to share their ATVs and 40 acres of sand dunes with us and let me tell ya…we took full advantage of that offer!
Josiah and Sam drove the quads by themselves. You know this overprotective Mama might’ve had a meltdown if I wasn’t fully aware that their Dad, and Grandpa, and Uncle Brian and Uncle Deacon were always watching out for them. Plus, our boys love adventure but are pretty responsible and careful.Grandpa Lee took Caleb out. He is the most hesitant of our three boys and we were really proud of him this weekend for exercising his “courage muscle” a lot. He summed it up on the way home “I was extra brave and had a lot of fun!”
Do you see John’s grin?! Like most fathers, he has always played with his boys presents-driving their RC cars, building Legos with them on Christmas morning, setting up the train tracks on their birthday and even taking the new Schwinn bike out for a test drive. Well, Grandpa Del had promised the boys an incredible Christmas present this year, and though it didn’t come until May, boy did he follow through on that promise-A 2008 Joyner dune buggy!?
It’s a shame the kids don’t know how to use a clutch yet…and I know John will get around to teaching them how to drive it…

Like the camping trailer, the red Dune Buggy is kind of a “family gift”! Given to us, and to Brian, and to Deacon. Good thing that none of us mind sharing, because we all had fun taking it out and racing around the dunes. Deacon will keep it at his ranch and we know he will take great care of it, get more use out of it, and we never have to haul it nor worry about it being stolen. Best part? Now when we get over to the Coast, we have a wonderful excuse to go see Deacon and Hilary (like we ever needed one!)

The spot we camped had a great little sandy area, where Sam and Cody could discuss the merits of wet sand vs dry…

and Caleb could help Caitlin dig to the other side of the planet…

Cody REALLY liked the ocean. His little fat feet were just frozen, and that cold wind was whipping us all towards pneumonia but when his Dad tried to carry him away from the waves? He screamed with sadness and fury!

All the big kids (you know that included Brian and John) had a pine cone fight. See those cones in mid air?!

Isn’t Anne beautiful with her babies?

It was a great Mother’s Day. I would much rather be camping with a hot dog on a stick, than at the Olive Garden for fettuccine.
This was the first of many camping trips, we hope, and we were just pinching ourselves and praising God all weekend for these blessings…for the ABUNDANCE of food, and fun, and friendship and family. He spoils us, constantly!

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Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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  1. Anne says:

    Great photos Brenda! Also such a TRUE comment about Deacon’s innate amazingness (is SO a word! heh, heh). It’s so fun being a part of this family and it’s great sharing Lee and Claudia whenever we get the chance too!

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