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It’s Summer!! It is the Season for flip flop sandals. Some of you know, that those of us who grew up in the 1970s called those $3 rubber shoes “thongs”. Nowadays the youngsters are using that term to describe ridiculous … Continue reading

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We live in the country, so childhood business ambitions involving lemonade stands and bake sales have not been money-makers our boys could count on. But they have seen their Mom brake for every stand (this is a life rule) and … Continue reading

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roughing it. hardly…

We’ve been camping! Just John, the boys and I…we traveled down to Coos Bay/North Bend area on Sunday afternoon and came home yesterday. It was so nice to just relax together as a family. I am catching up on Mt. … Continue reading

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looking back…

(Summer, 2004. They were 4, 6 and 8 years old.) oh Father God, just one small request?…and it would be easy, for You… I simply ask, that in all your plans for our blessing in eternity? That in my mansion … Continue reading

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a look through our wedding album

Today marks our NINETEEN YEAR anniversary. Our marriage could be compared to a young person of the same age.Old enough to be included in civil society and given large responsibilities.Immature enough to shirk those responsibilities occasionally, and definitely shocked when … Continue reading

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treehouse construction

She Who Scrapbooks was not present, yet someone ran inside, got the camera and took photos? I guess they are trained more adequately than I thought!I wasn’t there so I will narrate for the participants, as I imagine them talking. … Continue reading

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school, life, and such

John pointed out the week of silence here, between posts. Sorry! We’ve had lots going on this week, and I’ll just throw in this post to the bored few who are curious as to what, exactly, we are up to…? … Continue reading

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