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the surprise

Sorry! I kind of left you hanging there, didn’t I?! Several people have asked “So WHAT was John’s big surprise for your weekend away?” and it was this: John rented a Chrysler 300srt to drive us up and down the … Continue reading

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what was under the couch.

the battery charger.three pencils.a Christmas ornament hanger.a candy wrapper (Starburst. I think that was from an Easter basket)a plastic green army man.a used band-aid.Chronicles of Narnia book, overdue from the library (We have the series, but Caleb wanted to read … Continue reading

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Sam and ZuZu

Our sweet little calico, Zuzu, is a killing machine. She looks so demure and acts innocently playful, but underneath that? She is a merciless, bloodthirsty hunter. The Catbib worked great the last two years, but now even giant neoprene cape … Continue reading

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On my list of things to do before we start back in to school, is several painting jobs. I finished (mostly) painting the exterior of the house, last month. There were some seriously angry yellow jackets that convinced me to … Continue reading

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Lots of walla walla sweet onions (thanks again Faye, for sharing your extra starts) I am going to process them all today and pop them in the freezer for months of delicious-ness. Apparently you can carmelize them with a cube … Continue reading

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cheater cheater pumpkin eater

Last weeks miles: 17.01 Total mileage, ten weeks training: 138.53(I use the Nike Plus sensor on my Ipod to measure my miles. It has a sensor on my shoe that acts as a fancy-schmancy pedometer. It measures my mileage, pace, … Continue reading

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camping with the grandparents

Lee taught Caleb how to whittle. Josiah and Sam had to wait until they were 10 years old to get a pocketknife but you know how it is…with each kid you just get more and more relaxed (i.e. tired). If … Continue reading

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