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my favorite poem…

it’s kind of like my favorite song, forever changing with the moment, the mood. It’s not something a lot of people know about me. Us poetry geeks don’t advertise our infirmity, in order to continue winning friends and being seen … Continue reading

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We went camping with Lee and Claudia last Fri through Sun. That’s right-we went to San Francisco, came home for just three days and then left again. The cat is in a state of shock at the constant abandonment and … Continue reading

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Masterpiece Literary Society

Josiah is really enjoying the dinners and discussions of his book club. This month was “The Island of Dr. Moreau” by H.G. Wells and our family was blessed to host. Since there was a shipwreck to start the book off, … Continue reading

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Race chatter

Here’s my necklace! It says RUN LIKE A GIRL on it. morning of the race I was putting on my waterproof mascara (man. i am such a girl.) and John teases “Is that for the Firemen?” and I said “Don’t … Continue reading

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We’re home!

Do you know how to keep nosy airport security out of your suitcase? Run for 13 miles, then wrap the wet, stinky clothes in plastic to ferment for 24 hours. No one touched MY bag! So, yeah-some laundry needs to … Continue reading

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off to San Francisco!

Today: Packing. Cleaning. Trying not to be anxious! We fly out of Portland Friday morning and will be back very late, Monday night. The last five months, by the numbers: miles run in training? over 340 total amount raised to … Continue reading

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Why am I still talking?

Do you know the worst and best part about blogging?Showing up.To reveal yourself to who knows who is reading? Friends, yes–I don’t mind THAT. But acquaintances? Those who may read and form opinions about me without the rosy-colored “I know … Continue reading

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