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what I am thankful for

Cody’s appetite for life: Caitlin’s creativity: Anne’s parents, Clem and Roberta, flying in from Michigan each year (and his delicious turkey): the best little brother I could ever ask for: My Dad coming to Thanksgiving unexpectedly: a good husband and … Continue reading

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I always make the yeast rolls dough in the bread machine… for Thanksgiving I wanted to double the recipe so Brian and Anne would have leftovers for Friday sandwiches… (the picture doesn’t accurately capture just how huge this was-the boys … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I packed the swimsuits for the hotel pool, baked the yeast rolls, and fed the cat. Now we can load the ‘Burban and head up to Portland to celebrate! We get to go to two houses, for two meals, with … Continue reading

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would YOU eat this?

We are studying Ancient Rome in our History curricula. Therefore, when I found a recipe for Lentil Stew that had this interesting tidbit of info attached: “The average Roman soldier wore 80 lbs of armor and walked 20 miles per … Continue reading

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fishing for a compliment

We cannot wait for Brian and Anne to move closer. (Next year, we are praying?!) Because how great is it that I enjoy my sister-in-love and we can chat, scrapbook and yardsale together for hours? And how great it is … Continue reading

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Caitlin and Cody

Have I mentioned how much I love my younger brother, Brian?and how happy I am with his choice in a wife, patient Anne?hmmm…I am wondering if I have ever talked about their perfect kids, Caitlin and Cody? Well they visited … Continue reading

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a Rake and a Ramblin’ Man

If you are familiar with that old Don Williams country song (and–sorry to out you here on the Internet, Brian–but I am certain you and I are the only people under the age of 62 who still enjoy listening to … Continue reading

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