fluffing the nest

In Spring you get posts about gardening. In Summer, you have to hear all about our camping trips. In Winter, more posts about the family because we are all stuck inside with each other. But in Autumn? My focus turns to homeschool and homedecor. You see the theme?
We’re here more, because we’re no longer traveling.
We’re inside more, because the garden is put to rest. All day in these walls, because school must get done so errands are limited to only the most necessary. I start cleaning more, banishing cobwebs and organizing closets. Then my eye starts noticing little things, and I get that old urge to paint-sew-spruce up. Just a bit, because time and money are always tight.

I’ve been on the hunt for fat down pillows at the thrift stores. I like a sofa pillow you can sink into, and actually prop up under your head to read a book! The decorative pillows in stores, that are the size of a postage stamp and hard as a rock and covered in sequins or crystals or little silver poky things that are supposedly “designer”so it’s $36 EACH? Pass, please. I’ll take a big square squishy down, from St. Vincent de Paul, for $6.99–even if it is an ugly blue brocade. A tumble through the wash on “sanitary”, then into the dryer with a tennis ball, to fluff it back up. I had this upholstery remnant piece (another St Vin buy-if you are local, the store on Division often has beautiful fabric. This piece was $1.) and added a linen back to it. No zipper, I was in a hurry to see how it looked and I am a lazy seamstress. Doesn’t it coordinate nicely with the dyed linen pillow?I found this little metal scoop-it’s vintage and tin, two of my favorite things. I decided it would be cute in the bathroom, so I used an ice pick to put a whole in it, and an upholstery tack to hang it (because it was closest to the same shade and I wanted the nail to blend in). But who puts a scoop on the wall?Well, it’s no longer a grain scoop. It’s a candle sconce!

Sometimes I get all caught up in these little ten minute projects and I find notes like this one that Caleb put on the computer:Our home isn’t the only one that needs attention. Poor Cashew and Pistachio! They don’t care about new pillows and stupid candles. What they would appreciate is a color besides algae green. Sorry, fishies! I have a few more sewing projects on my craft table, and I am hoping to paint our bathroom this weekend. I re-did our master bedroom but can’t decide if I like it enough to post photos, or if I am going to keep tweaking it.

(I did finally clean the tank yesterday!)

My Mom gave me this lamp when Josiah was about 2 years old. She bought one for herself, too, because we both had (okay-still have!) a huge thing for plaid. The lampshade is a very subtle tan plaid and I still like it, but the gold brass tones on the base were bugging me. It’s a nice size for the table it’s on though, so I set my mind to spruce it up. Those who “get it” will say “Oh, yes, that is very late 1990s in style” and those who don’t get it will say “Really? You seriously have a problem with the twelve year old metal finishes but you have a DOILY from like, 1948?”

I have very highly evolved design intuition and strong reasons for choosing carefully each item I place in my home, and it is this:

I like my doily. So shut it.

See, the lamp is darker and isn’t that a vast improvement? Just a little more up to date, this almost bronzed deep brown? It took 5 minutes with spray paint, my favorite thing. Seriously I must have 40 different cans. This one is a favorite, by Rustoleum. I love their Camo paint because the finish is ultra flat, and it comes in-duh-green, tan and brown. Which are my favorite house colors, conveniently.

The lamp is darker, the new pillow is soft…I light a few candles to welcome the 5:30 sunset. It’s enough to make a homebody sit right down with a hot cup of tea and sigh contentedly.


About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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2 Responses to fluffing the nest

  1. Susan says:

    exactly–home…lovely pillows and lamp redo. You should link up with Kimba at A Soft Place To Land. I'm working on curtains right now. I'm having a thing with burlap too!

  2. Anne says:

    Nice pillow, great candle holder (though I think I would have liked it as just a scoop – what a great one!), and I like the lamp (both ways looked fine to me, but I know how a new coat of paint makes things feel new)! Way to go Brenda! Sure wish you lived closer because then we could be inspired together! (You know that means I could be inspired BY YOU. heh, heh) I keep thinking I should try to make that shed in the backyard into a craft room like yours! Love ya'!

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