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hard at work

I’ll be teaching at our churchs womens retreat this weekend, and John let me go hole up in our room for hours on Sunday… reading, researching, praying, re-writing (Oh, and popping advil like candy, for the constant headache that all the reading offers … Continue reading

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healing up well!

Take a look-Tommy is making progress! His jaw swelling is down almost 50% and he is out of bed more than in it. It is still difficult for him to eat, but we found a baby spoon that Anne left … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 1/25

40. shelves of books to nourish the mind, feed the soul. 41. Josiah’s tenderness with small children. 42. so many birds at the feeder. 43. exercising to that blasted DVD, when an encouraging boy looks up from schoolwork to say “good … Continue reading

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he still doesn’t believe in helmets…

My cousin Tommy took an ATV over a sand dune Thursday, and the handlebars and his face met up together, with brutal force. He now has a cracked jaw and totally fractured nose, and a large hole ripped through his cheek, but he … Continue reading

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wordless Wednesday

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leave message here

We have a vintage white dish in the dining room, full of old scrabble tiles, with a display board. I change it often to say things like  “Be Grateful” or “Go Ducks” or “Merry Christmas”.  I have been delightfully surprised to see an occasional “I love … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Day

We are doing school today, and I tell the groaning boys who insist “But it’s a NATIONAL holiday!” that Dr. King was a big proponent of education and it honors him to be learning, today. Caleb’s reply? “I have a … Continue reading

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