lazy-eyed pagan flees rat infested house by sailing to Mexico.

That was a bit of a blogging break, sorry! Nothing like sending out dozens of cards that say “Check out our blog!” and then just leaving everyone hanging, huh?

I will just toss out a smattering of What We Are Up To and perhaps it will explain that smashing Title up there. It doesn’t make sense to YOU, but it gave me a quiet chuckle. and that is how I measure a successful day.

–Boys are back to daily schoolwork and we are trying out a new schedule, new chore chart, etc. It’s been a bumpy start and I am hoping it will smooth out here, soon…always an adjustment after a long break, for them AND me!

–Part of the reason it is going slowly is that, with all the extra reading and studies, my headaches are back daily and with a vengeance. As some of you know, I inherited Amblyopia, commonly called lazy eye, from my dear old Dad-who has lost all vision in his left side. That will be my fate also, as time only increases this conditions severity. I am 20/20 in my right eye and now 20/100 in the left one. Lasik won’t work, vision therapy is only effective before the age of 6 (test your kids!!) and I have a strong aversion to TOUCHING MY EYEBALL, so no contacts since college era- 1992. And my nosetothegrindstone right eye has carried the load for my potatochipsandcouch left eye, for 20 plus years with rarely a problem. Now that I am careening towards my fourth decade,  old Tougheye is getting tired, and basically sicktodeath of Lazyeye not pulling her weight. The war is raging, and the battleground is my cerebral cortex. The last few years I’ve used glasses when hitting the books hard but for them to be effective in headache prevention? I have to keep them on continuously, and you know me…

Consistency? What is this strange thing you speak of?

So the pain got frequent enough that I finally broke down and went to the eye Dr this week for a contact and John is giving me lessons in removal. I can put it in fine, but taking it out makes me squeamish and jittery. There is a plenty of ooh-yuck-ouch on my side and plenty of annoying laughter on his. The first day effect of the contact wearing? An all day wow-even-worse-how-is-that-possible-headache? and double vision. Back tomorrow for a new prescription. Sadly there isn’t anything that can really be done for my eye, because it is neurological in defect. The eye can only be propped up a bit, because the problem is in how my brain is trained to process input from that side. Knowing my personality, is anyone really surprised that I am both unbalanced and not in my right mind?

–Christmas was wonderful. Really, the best holiday EVER. More details and photos coming up-if I ever get this new WordPress blog plus our new camera figured out. You couldn’t get more un-savvy with the technology than great-grandma Brenda, here.

–We have some sort of interior invasion (possibly rat-possum-even a raccoon?! ack!) and I am trying not to FREAK OUT about bubonic plaque. For living in the country, in an older house with a weird foundation? We have had very few issues-maybe 3 or 4 times in 6 years. Nothing but a little field mouse or two behind the water heater, easily caught in a trap. Now we hear something skittering in the walls at night, and a t-shirt that fell behind the washing machine was found, chewed to bits. That was enough to severely alarm me, but then, whatever it is? Chewed through the icemaker tubing to the fridge to get a sip of water, and it flooded the pantry. Then it got the munchies and climbed up pantry shelves to pull down, open and consume 2 bags of food! If it was marshmallows or chocolate chips I could rest, assuming a boy did it. But no, it was an entire bag of organic puffed rice cereal and another of 15 bean soup mix. No boy in this house eats that stuff without threats. Don’t worry, you can visit us again in 3 months or so because John is on the case and we will soon have this place sealed off tighter than Fort Knox, with traps and poison placed every 6 inches. Then I will spend the weekend bleaching everything. And if that doesn’t work, we’re moving, John I mean it, don’t test me here, let’s just burn the house down and start over, please. Just to prove my theory that there is a Seinfeld quote for every life situation, I walk around screeching I WILL NOT TOLERATE INFESTATION! like George’s Dad. It seriously helps me feel better.

–We agreed on no gifts for each other, but John surprised me with the promise of a 2010 cruise in my stocking this Christmas. To say I was shocked and thrilled would be a severe understatement. Caleb said later “I am going to give MY wife a cruise, Mom, because-gosh-you should’ve seen your face.”

We went on a Bahamas cruise for our honeymooon, and made plans right then to go on another, if the marriage made it 10 years. Well, we persevered, but spent that 10th anniversary with take and bake pizza (a splurge in the budget then) eating with our 5, 3 and 1-year-old babies and toasting each other with mugs of milk. This June we’ll be married 20 years and making up for lost time,  byspending 10 nights sailing the Mexican Riviera!!  We are going to celebrate early, in April, because we found a great deal and spontaneously booked it. The next day when I went to mark the calendar? I saw why the price had been such a bargain-It sails during Easter! I was so upset! But the reservation was firm (no refunds!?) and that money paid, (have you not heard of buyer-beware?!) and no use crying over spilled milk. (What kind of christian skips out on Easter…?) and we know the kids are in great hands with Lee and Claudia (it’s April 4th!) that they will be in church, and have ham, and will still have a wonderful holiday. (What kind of mother leaves her kids on a major holiday?) and John and I will find a church in Cabo San Lucas (Sniff) even if its most likely Catholic, that’s okay. (Anne would assure me it IS more than “Ok”, but what if it’s all in Latin? and can I wear flip-flops?) and besides, as believers, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ everyday, right? (a little theology to cover my mistake and make me feel better) and we’ll have lots of witnessing opportunities. The dedicated christians would have checked their calendars first and would never, ever vacation on Easter…(I believe in silver linings, blooming where you’re planted, making lemonade out of lemons, etc. I will force myself to do so, no matter how difficult it is, sipping fruity drinks on a white sand beach.)

–We had a Rose Bowl party and there was so much food and family and friends and FUN in this little house that we hardly even noticed when the Ducks lost to Ohio State. Okay, that is definitely squeezing lemons, and HARD, too.

–One of my resolutions that, unlike the others, isn’t making me miserable? Is getting caught up on the family scrapbooks. I’m almost two years behind! But there is real possibility for this plan, because a new scrapbook store opened in Eugene, only 20 minutes away and I have that spiffy craft room now, just waiting for some glue stick action. To follow through, I went online to order prints and realized that it had been 11 months since my last order. $156.23, people. Wow! and that was AFTER I deleted every pic of Lego creations and nostril cavities…

–Lee built shelves above my washer and dryer and I have so much more storage space! With these, plus the pantry, our country cottage is actually feeling roomy to me.Have I mentioned how much I love my father-in-law? Have I mentioned how he is one of the incentives of my sticking it out with John lo these two decades?

More to type, but the letters are swimming now and my weary left pupil has wandered up to stare longily at the ceiling. The kids can school themselves. Dinner can cook itself. The family can wear dirty clothes. For I am taking 4 ibuprofens and retiring to the master bedroom. The only area of this house that has a concrete slab foundation with no chance of anything furry skittering under the floorboards.

 and I may not come out of there until April 2! (smile)


About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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2 Responses to lazy-eyed pagan flees rat infested house by sailing to Mexico.

  1. Heather Fisher says:

    So sorry about your pantry! And congratulations on your cruise!!! I know you’ll have a wonderful time and the boys will have great memories with their grandparents.

  2. Vicki says:

    Boy I miss you!!!
    Now I’m worried about your eye! And what happens if the rat enters the room and your eye is looking elsewhere?!?!?!?
    Did I tell you we won a trip to Porta Vallerta Mexico (sp) ?” I would go if we were there and you could watch the kiddos! Maybe we’ll still go & make it during Easter week, that way we will all sin together! Just kidding!
    I love you! And I am glad you blog, even though I am an anti-blogger, becuase we can keep up with your life!
    Kisses to the kids! Not John..just tell him “Hi.”
    Love Vicki

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