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Multitude Monday 2/22

91. Caleb’s fierce and beautiful personality-to be so passionate about life! 92. The Presto Heat Dish at my feet on cold mornings. 93. the way Sam still talks for his action figures, while playing at the coffee table. 94. Josiah … Continue reading

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Today. Scene: Caleb, pouting at the counter because the Menu is hot cereal instead of Captain Crunch. What’s worse? Mom made him get dressed and brush his teeth before any service. He is leaning on his elbows, his grumpy face scrunched up … Continue reading

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declaring The War on Bedhead.

From the moment George W. stated it, I knew the name of my “how to raise three boys and keep your sanity” guide, and have often joked that our parenting book would be titled: We Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 2/15

TODAY I AM THANKFUL FOR: 71. Stash “licorice spice” tea. 72. the sound of the dryer humming. 73. finding baby socks under the couch, a reminder of sweet baby V. 74. laughing and loving, while playing bananagrams and watching AFV … Continue reading

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all’s fair in love and nerf.

Tommy had been in our home just a few hours, and was stretched out flat on the pull-out sofabed. He was bloody, bandaged, drugged up on Percoset from jaw surgery the night before, and barely able to even sit up. But … Continue reading

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whats been going on?

-purple crocuses are up. garden bug is starting to itch though its faint yet… -on Friday, the fuel pump in our old faithful Suburban died, under a bridge in a busy intersection.It’s now in the shop to the tune of $750 … Continue reading

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the difference.

Monday night, in the car. I make a suggestion to Sam, that a girl we are kind of acquainted with, and is his age, might not be such a terrible friend to have. He doesn’t know her very well but … Continue reading

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