the difference.

Monday night, in the car.

I make a suggestion to Sam, that a girl we are kind of acquainted with, and is his age, might not be such a terrible friend to have. He doesn’t know her very well but his objection is fierce and strong. So I ask:

“But what’s wrong with her? You have plenty of friends, that happen to be girls, that you enjoy playing with…”

Sam responds…”Oh, I can tell! I wouldn’t like playing with ***”

(yet the girl seems perfectly sweet to me. I think of all Sams female playmates and I’m baffled) I ask “Why?!”

So he explains what kind of girl she is…

“See, Mom? I would hunt squirrels…and she would want to put tiny little pink hats on ’em!”

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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3 Responses to the difference.

  1. Aunt Hil says:

    He is such a boy!

  2. Brian says:

    Hahahahaha. Makes perfect sense to me!
    She must be pretty cute. 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    I’m guessing he can spot a “nester” when he sees one. =) He’s just too young yet. He’ll probably end up married to her. heh, heh, heh

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