whats been going on?

-purple crocuses are up. garden bug is starting to itch though its faint yet…

-on Friday, the fuel pump in our old faithful Suburban died, under a bridge in a busy intersection.It’s now in the shop to the tune of $750 plus bucks (still cheaper than a car payment every month!). Crazy thing? It died a few feet from the SAME spot it went kaput previously, 5 years earlier (Costco parking lot must have negative Chevy energy vibes?)

-we are taking care of a friends foster baby for the week. The boys are helping me amuse her-18 month olds are HARD WORK. Big enough to be in perpetual motion but young enough to not be fully trained or articulate. She stumbles around, fascinated by everything and veering from spot to spot like a drunken sailor. Sam accurately described her: “she’s like a crazy pinball machine” Her foster mom taught her some sign language and it is the coolest thing! John and I both regret that we didn’t know of that trick when the boys were little. Especially poor Caleb, who was so peeved by his inability to clearly communicate, that he would occasionally lean over and bite you, out of frustration!

-school is going well, despite the busy-ness. We are trying to get in a little extra of My Fathers World curriculum (doing 1.5 days in 1 day, minimum-sometimes 2!) so that we get caught up before gardening and that April vacation show up and interrupt. Josiah is doing great on his independent work. I swear, he is so bright and responsible that he makes homeschooling a breeze. The other two? Well they are bright too, and sometimes-pretty-responsible-as long-as-you-keep-a-firm-hand-and closely-inspect-their-work but lately? Just trying to get multiplication facts more deeply embedded in their brains is about to make me call the local yellow bus and say “come get ’em!” but this, too, shall pass…

-52 days until we go on our cruise and my new red dress fits, but snugly…now the serious workouts begin! Well, just as soon as baby goes home, lol! I am joining a Boot Camp at the club, 6 AM on weekdays and home before the kids are awake or John leaves. It’s supposedly super challenging and I am nervous. Keep telling myself how far I ran, that I am stronger than I think. Besides, I know being in a group motivates me. I still miss the step aerobics classes of the early 90s! I lived for doing the grapevine LOL

-I’ve been baking gluten-free more, and Sam is enjoying it as much as Caleb. I learned the trick-avoid soy flour and bean flours. No amount of cinnamon will hide that after taste! Caleb was accidentally glutened last weekend while I was away, and in so much pain Tuesday. So strange how it takes 36-48 hours to hit in full force! I googled solutions and the mighty Internet suggested epsom salt bath, metamucil and lots of water (to flush the system) It worked pretty well, but Caleb said “What kind of funky orange juice is THIS?!” Yet he was so desperate for relief, he drank it. Good news is, that his strong reaction is indicative of how much healing has ocurred in his system! All that gut wrenching pain (he was doubled over, crying, for hours!) were just from eating french fries that were fried WITH chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc. You wouldn’t think such a minute bit could cause so much distress, but it doesn’t take much at all. John is on the same page now and we know: No fries from anywhere but McDonalds! They won’t guarantee GF, but he has never gotten sick there. They fry so many fries that they have separate fryers…

-there is a dead rat under our house, and my previous cries to John of “Whatever it takes…kill them all!” has changed to plaintitive cries of “Do you smell that? I’m going to throw up.why did you use poison?! Can we move? I need more money for Febreze and candles and Lysol…” He “kind of” smells it, the boys insist they can’t,

Claudia backs me up though…it is here, it is dead and no one is invited to our home, for at least 6 weeks or forever. I have an air purifier going 24/7 and am impressed with Odoban, found at Home Depot. John and his Dad moved the heavy washer and dryer, to seal up the area around the dryer vent (smell is strongest there) this Saturday. But the only solution is God’s invention…decomposition. And that takes time.

-we ordered passports, and that was strangely exciting to me. Though my photo looked more like a mug shot, I have always wanted a passport and it feels good to get one. We don’t “need” it, on a cruise, but if we had to fly home from Mexico for an emergency, we would. Plus it is good for ten years, and our boys are hurtling towards the church youth groups age bracket. For five years we’ve sat in the pew and watched those enthusiastic high school students testify of all God did, during the annual Mexico Mission Trip. John and I would grin, and nudge each other, thinking “someday!” Because we always said that when the boys were old enough, we’d be part of the parents chaperoning and helping. Next year, Josiah is in high school and, if God says yes, we’ll be ready! My only thought is how do I smuggle an orphan or two back across the border?

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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2 Responses to whats been going on?

  1. Aunt Hil says:

    I knew McDonald’s french fries were awesome!

  2. Anne says:

    The dead rat story was hilarious! ha, ha, ha “I need more money for febreze, lysol, candles, etc.” – cracked me up! I can always smell EVERYTHING too! I feel for you, I really do.

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