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anticipation is bittersweet.

UNPRODUCTIVE. that’s what I am, to the nth degree! I can hardly get anything accomplished. Well, that’s not completely true. If it relates to our trip than I am on it like white on rice.  (obviously blogging isn’t cruise related and … Continue reading

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side effects of good cooking

A few weeks ago Tony, Tara and Savannah were visiting so Claudia made a delicious lunch and invited us over. It was so nice to visit a little and laugh at baby Savannah’s antics. and look how these boys are quickly catching up … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 3/16/10

151. camping with Lee and Claudia-always so refreshing and fun! 152. cold A and W diet root beer. 153. Sat. bike riding around the lake with my three sons following on bark trails through leafy beauty, then Josiah says “Wow Mom, thanks for bringing … Continue reading

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it WOULD make a funny sound.

We are driving home from the Coast and a family conversation starts up over the video game “Guitar Hero”. We don’t have the game, but the boys are familiar with it and start asking why certain instruments aren’t on it? … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 3/8/10

133. scrapbooking: capturing memories for my family plus a creative outlet equals a win-win 134. the way John never leaves for work without calling me over for a long hug good-bye at the door. 135. living only 2 hours away from … Continue reading

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decoupaged tabletop with a vintage hymnal

This is an old table I’ve had for years. It was $2 at a tag sale, because the wonderful spool legs were rotten on the bottom. I think the previous owners must have left it outside? Anyway, John simply cut … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 3/1

111. turning the calendar page over to a new month, blank squares full of promise. 112. restoration. 113. miniature daffodils blooming by the pumphouse-tiny rays of sunshine! 114. all of us, together: riding in to church with Lee and Claudia … Continue reading

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