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Multitude Monday 8/30

what I am thanking God for, today: getting more sleep-what a difference in how I feel! Sunday dinner, tacos and love shared with the world’s BEST in-laws, Lee and Claudia. more than half of school is PLANNED! boot camp and the … Continue reading

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wordless wednesday

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Josiah’s 15th birthday

It was August 7th, but since he is still celebrating, I am not late to post about it. He has a favorite friend over, as I even type this, and last night was a sleepover for the record books. Candy, chips, and … Continue reading

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multitude Monday 8/23

this morning: pink sunrise with gray fog on a sparkling quiet lake. a weekend away, and the comfort of deep friendship. the shampoo scalp massage before the haircut….ahhh. the delight of new experiences: Portland’s Pearl district, and peruvian food. John, loving ME … Continue reading

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hold yer buns! Big Mac Salad.

When three out of four males in my home ASK for salad? You know it is NO ORDINARY SALAD! If you like Big Mac hamburgers from McDonalds? Then you will like this recipe.  If you have watched Food Inc, and miss … Continue reading

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aw shucks.

For all your patience with my unannounced blogging breaks, thank you. For all who left comments on the posts, I just want you to know how very, very encouraging that is. The private email comments, count-for those who don’t want to comment … Continue reading

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a cold salad recipe for the dog days of summer

This is my new favorite food: it is SO EASY. Only 4 ingredients TOTAL, unless you get creative and add more. It’s healthy. Chock full of fiber, protein and vitamins and low in fat. It’s refreshing and cold, and keeps … Continue reading

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