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In Praise of my Bed

a favorite poem, this one by Meredith Holmes. In Praise Of My Bed At last I can be with you! The grinding hours since I left your side! The labor of being fully human, working my opposable thumb, talking, and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 9/29

(Not Quite Wordless…it is Caleb’s 11th birthday today. These photos are from when he was 4, and found the Post-it notes in an office drawer…) we love this kid.

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Caleb’s plea

There is a stray cat who has been visiting us. John has allowed the two softies in the house (Caleb and his Mama) to feed it, but not to bring it indoors. It’s a sweet cat, and though I named … Continue reading

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Ordinary Life

one more of my favorite poems, this one by Barbara Crooker Ordinary Life This was a day when nothing happened, the children went off to school without a murmur, remembering their books, lunches, gloves. All morning, the baby and I built … Continue reading

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Josiah’s new bedroom

I was kind of done with painting, remember? The Summer so full of projects and me, so weary of rolling on paint.  But what could I do? Our oldest child–the one who rarely asks for anything–who is quiet and quick to … Continue reading

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thrift store finds of the week!

One of the things friends tend to ask me about a lot is my “junkin”. What have you found lately!? What did this cost? eventually become  Will you take me with you? I never find anything like that! and I am happy to … Continue reading

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a new school year.

Planning, and it takes a lot of spreading out to plan! Once again, I am so glad we put in this giant island. Edjumakation. We are in it, now. If you aren’t a homeschool Mom? This probably won’t interest you, but … Continue reading

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