40 by 40 list

John turns 40 this Friday, and it has me in a contemplative mood.

 Most of my good friends are over 40, and I am hurtling towards the day, myself. (18 months from now, to be exact) 

I am not sad about that at all, in fact it feels good-like I am coming into my own. Seeing bucket lists around, I decided that was a really good way to be pro-active in embracing my middle-agedness! Since I believe in never shrinking back, but instead always charging forward with joy and determination and great hope in a big God, I made this ambitious list of 40 things to do before I turn 40.

Now, my life is as busy as anyone, and very ordinary, even mundane at times…and some days it is all I can do to get the dishwasher loaded and the kids schoolwork  halfway done! So, I won’t let this be anything more than FUN. 

 I hope to do at least half, but I refuse to sink back into my dangerous “all or nothing”  habits. I hereby retain the right to remove items, add items, ignore items and revise as needed.

As I accomplish something, I’ll blog about it. I’ve been needing more blog material, and this ought to be somewhat interesting to at least three of you!

If you see something on here that you are also intrigued by, let me know!…maybe we can team up and accomplish it, together!

1.Take a cooking class, preferably Thai.

2. Go on a family mission trip.

3. Get caught up on the kids scrapbooks.

4. Sit on a jury.

5. Have visible arm muscles.

6. Host a dinner party.

7. go play paintball with John and the boys.

8. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls again.

9. Find the perfect pair of jeans.

10. Lead at least one more person to Christ.

11. Milk a real cow.

12. Go to a Third Day concert.

13. Have a professional facial.

14. Remodel the house and add an enclosed sunporch.

15. See the northern lights.

16. Tour an art museum.

17. read 50 books.

18. Plant an all white garden as my prayer retreat.

19. Simplify our home further, and get rid of all clutter.

20. Be driving anything smaller than the Suburban. and preferably something red or yellow!

21. Get down to, and maintain, a healthy weight.

22. Brush up on my Spanish, enough to have a conversation.

23. See a live orchestra perform, either Vivaldi or Mozart.

24. Write a good poem or short story or article, and have it published.

25. Help build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

26. visit a National Park.

27. do a Daniel fast.

28. Enter a cooking contest.

29. Run a Half-Marathon in my hometown.

30. Build a fire pit in our backyard.

31. Memorize a new Psalm.

32. Plant three fruit trees.

33. Learn to drive a stick shift.

34. Take an ALL DAY bike ride. preferably with my family.

35.  Make getting up early a consistent habit.

36. Learn to identify trees better.

37. Ride in a limo.

38. Sew something I like enough to wear in public.

39. Watch every Cary Grant movie made.

40. Take a self-defense class.


About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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7 Responses to 40 by 40 list

  1. Kelli says:

    Ok so you know I read ALL your blogs, ,and when I miss you I sit and read them all again so when you asked for input on if anyone would like to do any of the above… YIPPEE…
    so heres what I like..
    #38.. though we may need to add, track down,stalk, meet, get in the good graces of Nicole C. Mullen… she makes her clothing!! have you seen this woman? every concert I think .. how in the word did she make that outfit?? AMAZING!!
    I want to do ALL these things with you!!! a bit ambitious? perhaps but what the heck Im a all or nothing kinda gal myself we may as well jump in with both feet! soo where do we begin?!

  2. Kippi Nelson says:

    I can help you! Come visit and milk a cow, do it several mornings in a row and you will be in the habit of getting up early. 🙂
    Kyle has a stick shift and you can drive it or if you prefer a tractor is also stick.
    On the way here you can visit a National Park and if you happen to be here at the right time you can view the northern lights in all their glory and to God’s glory!
    Oh, and we can work on that muscle building too!
    Love you!

  3. Melissa Preiser says:

    I found your blog from your facebook page and have absolutely loved reading it. Your way of putting words together makes me want to read more. That said, my thoughts on your list:
    3. scrapbooks… I love scrapbooking too! My big score for the summer was at a neighbor’s yard sale: 3 complete alphabets for my sizzix machine for (gasp) $5 each.
    16. visit an art museum… come to Seattle! You and yours can stay with us (we have a big house) and the SAM is hosting a Picasso exhibit from Oct to Jan- it’s supposed to be HUGE.
    18. I love the idea of an all-white prayer garden. Beautiful.
    23. Seattle Symphony is performing Mozart’s Requiem Jan 20 – 22, 2011. I’m just sayin’.
    27. Daniel fast… Our family did this last spring and it was both wonderful and difficult. For us, it was a huge dietary change (we let the kids have normal breakfast and sack lunches at school, but they ate Daniel snacks and dinners with us). My husband and I lost 40 lbs in 21 days! We felt better and found some delicious recipes we still use, even though we fell off the wagon.

    Keep us all posted on your accomplishments! It will be fun to live vicariously through you.

  4. Darcy Murphey says:

    I’ve never been tempted to reply in writing before, but I couldn’t resist. I have to love the person whose bucket list includes such varied items as ‘milk a cow’ and ‘build a house for Habitat For Humanity’. Loved your list!

  5. Brian says:

    Have visible arm muscles. – This made me chuckle. Maybe if you milk the cow hard enough?

    Really, you’ve never ridden in a limo? Wait… I’m not sure if I have either.

    The self defense class sounds cool. I enjoyed the one we were in that summer we spent in Nevada. What was it called… Wha Rang Doh? Fu Man Chu? Something like that.

    I’d like to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity also… let me know if/when you find out about it.

  6. Anne says:

    Wow! Look at all your comments! I’m so jealous. I could teach you how to drive a stick shift! (Does anyone even have a stick shift that you know?) You’ve inspired me to make my own list. I think I will choose 20 items because that might be all my brain can handle at any one particular time.

    By the way, when I was in college, I went on a Spring Break Habitat for Humanity trip out to Pennsylvania to work on some houses (side by side they were) out there. It was an amazing experience. It allows you to really see how many great things people are doing (and how many great people there are) even though the news blasts you with only “all that’s wrong” in this world.

    Last, but not least, if you would just send some of your short stories out there, I’m sure people would be interested in publishing. Just do it, Lady.

  7. Heather Hicks says:

    I’ll do a thai cooking class with you ! My family has only recently discovered thai and my very, very picky family loves it! Hooray for something new besides chicken or turkey!

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