What’s up, Buttercup?

That’s an expression we use here at our house.

We’ve also been known to say to a whining boy “Suck it up, Buttercup.” (thanks to my friend Tricia E) and another favorite is

“‘Cause I’m the Boss, Applesauce.”

(our kids will have lots to tell their therapist.)

Anyway, just thought I would interrupt the stream of spraypaint posts with a note on what we’re all up to, lately.

1. Sam and Caleb are loving the mixed martial arts class that is happening at John’s work, the US Sportsplex. We are pretty impressed with their moves but limit the “demonstrations” so that we can continue raising three healthy sons, and not 2, or 1. Oh, and here is a link to the Club, for those of you who haven’t visited us yet and seen what John has struggled to build/grow/maintain the last 6 years. He is focused right now on an indoor soccer field addition!


2. I loved working for John this Aug. But then Sept hit and suddenly there was School M-F, and Bible Study Fellowship on M, and Co-op all day on TH, and the boys karate, M-W-F and Lifegroup on W, and church on S, and Youth group activities for oldest 2 sprinkled throughout, plus laundry-cooking-homescholing-housework 7 days a week? Well, it was a shock to me that I couldn’t seem to get up at 4 o’dark thirty and not be an exhausted mess-it’s ONLY a part-time job, right?! What, Superwoman has finite energy and strength?

As any sane person could predict (and several good friends DID, I know, I know!) It all added up to a worn out, stressed out, weepy ME and then…

I got to see My Superman swoop in and save the day. Even though the person he had hired had just quit, John released me from working the 6 AM to 10 AM shift at the Club, and gave full permission (even demanded when I tried to protest I could keep going a little longer) for me to stay home. good dog. stay.

You notice there are blog posts again? That furniture is being painted? Our family notices clean toilets and cooked dinners! (ok. I exaggerate. No one in this house EVER notices the toilets. but meals! That is commented on, frequently) And like an inmate who got the last minute governor’s pardon, I now hear birds singing and take deep, gulping breaths of free air and grin crazily at strangers. Best part of this whole experience is how luxuriant and spoiled it feels now, just to sleep until 7 AM. Be careful when you ask God to help you discipline yourself (in this case I had asked for help to get up earlier, and more consistently) because you just NEVER KNOW how He might help you develop character and faithfulness!

Now, that loving husband of mine has worked 12 hr shifts this week (because he hasn’t been able to hire anyone yet) so that his wife could be home. and happy. and stop twitching.

3. Josiah is growing up fast and there are lots of changes for him, lately. His new glasses are a big deal! He had been squinting a LOT so we took him in (though 2 years ago the Costco optometrist said his eyes were fine) and he is SO near-sighted that he cannot even legally drive, without correction! You can imagine how terrible I felt, for not getting him in sooner. He had complained, but I had believed the Dr. I should know better, since the Drs never helped with Caleb’s gluten intolerance, and it took 5 years for my thyroid to get diagnosed and correctly treated! His new glasses look GREAT and he likes them. He is loving Biology with the Co-op, and all the labs they are doing. He is going to the Virgin Islands with some dear friends of ours, this December. He is studying the drivers manual and getting ready to get his permit. He is racing towards adulthood and the evidence is in his newly deep voice and standing much taller than his Mama. (I wear heels more, now-holding on to every scrap of authority I can, looking up and saying “Cause I’m STILL the boss, applesauce”)

4. Josiah and I have signed on with our church’s High School Mission trip to Mexico. It is over Spring Break, coming up fast here in March. We’ll be raising $900 for our combined fare to go, and we already have a jar on the kitchen counter, filling up with change. I am excited to go back to Mexico, though this time it will be to WORK and not to play, like our cruise last April.

5. As I posted last year, we gave away all our dishes and went to clear glass, in order to avoid any lead. Our well water has high iron in it and had started to stain the clear glass, yellow (I know it’s safe, but if we all start looking jaundiced? I AM MOVING.) One of the few lines of dishes guaranteed not to have lead in them is Fiestaware. I love it but

 1. it’s expensive and

2. I couldn’t decide on just 2-3 colors that I would FOREVER like. If it costs real money (i.e. retail) I will, 98% of the time, buy neutral, safe colors that will always blend or match…knowing my propensity for changing color schemes. But when have I not liked yellow, red, turquoise? When has BRIGHT COLOR not had the power to uplift and brighten my whole day?! So…

I decided to start collecting in EVERY color! Why not have a rainbow of dishes that make us smile every time we use them? why not have a party in your kitchen cupboard? why not grin while loading the dishwasher? who says things all have to match?!

Kohls and Macys have sales all the time, so I watch, and wait and now we eat off what I happily call “my Skittle dishes”

6. We were going to go camping one last time, but the weather on the coast this weekend is predicted to be awful-rainy, cold and windy-so we cancelled. The top two boys were sick this week, so we couldn’t go to small group, co-op, karate class, Lit club. Suddenly I have all this free time (2 or 3 days without errands/school/commitments feels like a MONTH of holiday) and I am re-arranging, re-organizing, cleaning OUT. I am making meal plans and re-vamping our daily schedule and getting life in ORDER. It feels so good, after the chaos of the last 2 months! Yesterday I talked with a good friend for 2.5 hours on the phone and while we chatted and laughed, I emptied several drawers/baskets etc that needed attention. I tweak the decor, and put fresh sheets on all the beds. I empty the coat closet, I move a few pictures around. Stopping every now and then to administer Mama-care. Even teenagers need sympathetic head rubbing and orange juice and maybe a little more Tylenol. Then I get up and get back to work. And it really is the BEST kind of work, my favorite kind, that I never want to quit. This is the work that relaxes and restores me…this happy puttering around my home, and loving on my babies and starting a thick soup to simmer on the stove…and this feeling inside is how you know you are doing what you were actually called to do. When the hours fly by and yes, you’re tired, but it’s a good tired. Remembering how Jesus had said “For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

About sparrowjourney

Christian homeschooling mom to three boys, married to my best friend, John, for over 20 years. I love gardening without gloves, learning history with my kids, cooking with lots of butter, serving others, great books, rich coffee, studying the Bible, camping outdoors, scrapbooking, vintage home decor, the smell of rain and cut grass, authentic people, poetry, laughing until your sides hurt, and babies. oh and black licorice is pretty awesome.
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