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and we’re off!

a photo of Josiah and I, from 2004. He was almost 10 years old…  5 years later…almost a full head taller than me! (and I want to note, because I just know saw it and am annoyed how it wrecked an otherwise … Continue reading

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change of plans

As some of you know, Josiah and I are not going to Mexico. We are still going to give up our Spring Break to do Missions. We are still going to sleep on the ground and go without showers for too long. … Continue reading

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Fasting for Lent.

I have never practiced Lent, that spiritual discipline of giving something up for 40 days before Easter. Since I am neither Catholic or Orthodox, it isn’t something I have been taught or even really exposed to. However, lately Pastor Neil has … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday 3/7/11

I am thanking my God this week for: the stunning revelation that Jesus knows the exact cost of the precious oil poured out for Him, out of my alabastar jar…and may nothing be held back. (Matt 26) my Garmin running watch. sweet baby Jonas in the nursery … Continue reading

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nothing has changed.

it was 1988 but we look just like this, still today. right? hello? anyone?…tap-tap-tap…is this thing on?

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running thoughts

I have run 123.6 miles since December! The Half-Marathon is May 1st, and I am a little more than half ready. (grin) My longest run has been just over eight miles and I felt pretty good–  (note to John-please don’t tell … Continue reading

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Our first High School student…

Josiah does his school work independently. He starts early and likes to work in his bedroom, at his own desk, with his own computer, without little brothers chatter to interrupt or distract. The cat is welcome company, however. On this day … Continue reading

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