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I hereby resolve, again

to write more on this blog…I promise! I’ve been trying to use a little of my spare time to write and prepare…thanks to the pre-publish setting here on WordPress. So far I have a post scheduled for every day, through March … Continue reading

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Did I forget to mention…?

Caleb turned ELEVEN? He did! On Sept. 29… oh and my sweet husband turned FORTY? He did! On Sept 3… So sorry. I tend to think that I blogged something, because I wrote one sentence about it, on facebook. But … Continue reading

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aw shucks.

For all your patience with my unannounced blogging breaks, thank you. For all who left comments on the posts, I just want you to know how very, very encouraging that is. The private email comments, count-for those who don’t want to comment … Continue reading

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a quick apology

Not many posts, i know-been hearing the murmurings and complaints and not-so-gentle proddings from some of you-sorry! It’s the same old story, folks— Been busy, and out of ideas, and when I did get inspired to try and post something, the stupid-annoying-dumb-slower … Continue reading

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why hasn’t Brenda been blogging?!

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New Blog!

Blogger was giving me FITS, so after months of threatening to do it-I moved. Welcome to our new site!  Of course, in true Brenda style, I didn’t plan this change. Just grew frustrated and did it, one week after ordering Christmas … Continue reading

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Why am I still talking?

Do you know the worst and best part about blogging?Showing up.To reveal yourself to who knows who is reading? Friends, yes–I don’t mind THAT. But acquaintances? Those who may read and form opinions about me without the rosy-colored “I know … Continue reading

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