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main bathroom, remodeled.

I almost always forget the Before shots. The boys bedroom wouldn’t be nearly as remarkable without the cold truth of how bad it WAS, laid out beforehand. Well, for those of you who have visited our home in person, you … Continue reading

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send me a letter! shiny mailbox re-do

I have always painted our mailbox. Every home we’ve ever lived in. I would hate driving to the post office for a PO Box, but even worse? Not being able to give directions to new friends that state at the end “just … Continue reading

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boys bedroom makeover!

While the boys were away at Fort Stevens with Grandma and Grandpa in late July? Mom and Dad tackled the dark chaos that was: Sam and Caleb’s BEDROOM. The photos have not been altered. Yes. Their Mother had clearly just … Continue reading

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decoupaged tabletop with a vintage hymnal

This is an old table I’ve had for years. It was $2 at a tag sale, because the wonderful spool legs were rotten on the bottom. I think the previous owners must have left it outside? Anyway, John simply cut … Continue reading

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necklace board

a little “Trash to Treasure” project. I have been wearing necklaces more and more…a new habit, as years of babies and toddlers, pulling,  kept me from baubles for a good decade. Now that I am (sadly) unencumbered, I am playing … Continue reading

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leave message here

We have a vintage white dish in the dining room, full of old scrabble tiles, with a display board. I change it often to say things like  “Be Grateful” or “Go Ducks” or “Merry Christmas”.  I have been delightfully surprised to see an occasional “I love … Continue reading

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burlap with vinyl quote, a picture re-make

I found a vinyl rub-on at the local craft store that had a wonderful reminder about the importance of Hope. (Bonus: it was only $5) I wasn’t willing to pay another $20 for the framing though, and came up with a … Continue reading

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