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Gluten free Sugar Cookies Recipe

from the cookbook “Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food for Kids” by Sheri L. Sanderson. Gluten free baked goods are DIFFICULT, anyway–but rolled cookies? Even harder, as it is gluten protein that generally “holds things together”in baked goods. This is the best recipe … Continue reading

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Ahoy there, Cap’n!

Did you know that Captain Crunch cereal is gluten-free? and my kids all love it. But it is $4.49 a BOX. Do you realize how much cereal three teenage boys can eat? A box is approximately 2 days of breakfasts, … Continue reading

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food allergies

Some of you know that I’ve been having some nagging little health issues for the last year or so. (in this paragraph: I made a list of them but feel like a hypochondriac naming them all. Sickness is not a … Continue reading

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whats been going on?

-purple crocuses are up. garden bug is starting to itch though its faint yet… -on Friday, the fuel pump in our old faithful Suburban died, under a bridge in a busy intersection.It’s now in the shop to the tune of $750 … Continue reading

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healing up well!

Take a look-Tommy is making progress! His jaw swelling is down almost 50% and he is out of bed more than in it. It is still difficult for him to eat, but we found a baby spoon that Anne left … Continue reading

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Caleb’s fave pb cookie recipe

This is the cookie you see (below) We found this recipe at the Gluten Free Gobsmacked blog.His brothers love these too, and we always have the ingredients on hand. Plus, with all the protein in the PB and egg I … Continue reading

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A year of growth and being gluten free.

(Caleb, baking his favorite gluten free peanut butter cookies!) Caleb’s crown (aka his coolmetaltooth) was pulled by our dentist last month, because the adult tooth underneath wasn’t tough enough to push all that metal up and out of the way. … Continue reading

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