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Fasting for Lent.

I have never practiced Lent, that spiritual discipline of giving something up for 40 days before Easter. Since I am neither Catholic or Orthodox, it isn’t something I have been taught or even really exposed to. However, lately Pastor Neil has … Continue reading

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My Happy Soul.

Me!! It happened to the one who swore it couldn’t… She who rarely notices cars…who considers them simply a necessity, who bemoans the fact that money is wasted on them ($$ that could go for important things, like rare plants in the … Continue reading

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new haircut.

Here you go, Mom and Anne and Cody!– photos of my new ‘do. (Do you folks all see how quickly I respond to blogging requests? Tell me what you want me to talk about on here and I will try to … Continue reading

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I haven’t washed my hair in over a month.

My hair is wonky. (wait-let me back up here and say this is a post mainly for women. Men might find this a boring subject. But if you are a man who loves the beauty chat and hair care intrigues you … Continue reading

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food allergies

Some of you know that I’ve been having some nagging little health issues for the last year or so. (in this paragraph: I made a list of them but feel like a hypochondriac naming them all. Sickness is not a … Continue reading

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hard at work

I’ll be teaching at our churchs womens retreat this weekend, and John let me go hole up in our room for hours on Sunday… reading, researching, praying, re-writing (Oh, and popping advil like candy, for the constant headache that all the reading offers … Continue reading

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It’s a Wonderful…Movie

Have you watched this movie yet?  Those  of you who have only seen bits and pieces of it during the mad rush of this holiday, can’t yet appreciate what a beautiful movie it is. Go get some popcorn, a mug of cocoa and … Continue reading

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