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Caleb’s plea

There is a stray cat who has been visiting us. John has allowed the two softies in the house (Caleb and his Mama) to feed it, but not to bring it indoors. It’s a sweet cat, and though I named … Continue reading

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Sam and ZuZu

a sleepy boy. a warm cat. what a beautiful, breath-taking life we are given each day!

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Sam and ZuZu

Our sweet little calico, Zuzu, is a killing machine. She looks so demure and acts innocently playful, but underneath that? She is a merciless, bloodthirsty hunter. The Catbib worked great the last two years, but now even giant neoprene cape … Continue reading

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I got some splainin’ to do…

Oh Lucy. I’m sorry. I brought you home and meant to do better. To get the yes, I promised John I would devote hours every day into making you the best trained, most agreeable canine ever. Somehow we didn’t get … Continue reading

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more girly stuff

Here are the other females of our house. We are down to only four hens. Two are from last years experimental “exotic layer” order, where I tried to branch out and get different breeds than my old favorites from the … Continue reading

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the other girls.

All this boy-blogging. It is only right and fair to occasionally turn our attention to the ladies in our household. That would be ALL of our pets. All girls. It doesn’t take Freud to figure out why, I suppose… Tonight, … Continue reading

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this and that

Here’s a tip for you young ladies…If you DO end up marrying that cute Domino’s pizza delivery boy, then for the rest of your life you get perfect hand-tossed crust! Caleb stands ready with the toothpick. His job is to … Continue reading

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