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my son, the new Dave Barry

Caleb cracks us up. daily. Today, he wrote this little news report for his Writing class at Co-op and I had to share it with you all…it is loosely based on the Aesop’s Fable “The Crow and the Pitcher” which … Continue reading

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you make fun where you find it

We are camping. and the kids find rubber gloves in the junk drawer (original purpose: mandatory for John, when he empties the RV sewer hose,  if he ever wants to touch his wife with those hands, again.) then John remembers an … Continue reading

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he doesn’t realize that I’m gifted…

I went to a leadership meeting Monday night, and after discussing strengths and weaknesses I realized it has been over 15 years since I took a “Spiritual Gifts” test. Lois Dillon sent me an online one, to re-take and just … Continue reading

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it WOULD make a funny sound.

We are driving home from the Coast and a family conversation starts up over the video game “Guitar Hero”. We don’t have the game, but the boys are familiar with it and start asking why certain instruments aren’t on it? … Continue reading

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Today. Scene: Caleb, pouting at the counter because the Menu is hot cereal instead of Captain Crunch. What’s worse? Mom made him get dressed and brush his teeth before any service. He is leaning on his elbows, his grumpy face scrunched up … Continue reading

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the difference.

Monday night, in the car. I make a suggestion to Sam, that a girl we are kind of acquainted with, and is his age, might not be such a terrible friend to have. He doesn’t know her very well but … Continue reading

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Get Well Soon

Tom is all healed up (mostly) and has left our little Bed and Breakfast. Hilary picked him up on Sunday but he was feeling so good by the end of the week that he raked my flower beds and did … Continue reading

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